Homeowner’s Insurance

Protect your home with tailored insurance coverage from EHD

EHD offers homeowners several types of insurance policies to fit nearly any need. We determine your home value based on the replacement cost, which is the amount required to repair or rebuild your home with similar materials. We discuss additional coverage options such as water backup, identity theft, equipment breakdown and in-home business liability.

Every homeowner has different needs and our goal is to customize the policy to you. Whether you own a home, condo or rental unit, we provide you with advice and recommendations to help reduce the costs of your homeowner’s insurance while providing you with the best coverage on your biggest asset.

EHD also provides insurance for Condos, Renters and Mobile Homes.

To review your homeowner insurance coverage and cost-effective options, please contact:

Christine I. Jensen
CPIW, AIS, API, CISR Senior Vice President, Personal Insurance

EHD Insurance - Homeowner
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