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Loss Assessment Coverage: What is it and do you need it?

At most condo communities, a homeowners association (HOA) is equipped with an insurance policy that provides coverage for incidents that occur outside of a condo owner’s personal unit. This is commonly known as a master policy, and some condo owners wrongfully assume it is adequate enough to account for all incidents that occur in a …

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Snowmobile Insurance Guide

We offer coverage for most snowmobiles, including high performance, mountain, touring, trail and utility-type snowmobiles. Download our FREE Snowmobile Insurance Guide (pdf)

Boat/Watercraft Insurance Guide

Homeowners insurance won’t cover you like a boat policy can. We offer coverage for almost any kind of boat, including fishing boats, runabouts, personal watercraft and boats up to 50 feet in length and $250,000 in value (varies by state). Download our FREE Boat/Watercraft Insurance Guide (pdf)

RV Insurance Guide

Auto Insurance won’t cover you like this. We offer coverage for any kind of RV, from pop-ups to coaches. Download our FREE RV Insurance (pdf)

Motorcycle Insurance Guide

We insure cruisers, touring bikes, dirt bikes, sport bikes, trikes, scooters, mopeds, ATV’s — even custom bikes and bikes more than 25 years old. Download our FREE Motorcycle Insurance Guide (pdf)

Personal Umbrella Insurance Tips

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance that you purchase in addition to your regular insurance policies. As its name implies, umbrella insurance sits “on top of” your other insurance policies like an umbrella, to provide added financial protection in the event that other policies cannot cover the loss. Read more at

Renters Insurance Tips

Renters insurance? Do you really need it? Not everyone who rents a home or apartment realizes it, but just as a homeowner should have insurance to cover accidents to or on their property, most renters also need renters insurance. If the home you are renting suffers from a tree falling onto the roof, the landlord’s …

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