Employee Benefits

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Health Management

Strengthen your bottom line by reducing your total cost of health

EHD Employee Benefit Services can directly affect your company’s productivity through measurable gains in the health and well-being of your employees.

Our integrated health and safety management initiatives — comprehensive, cost-effective and client-focused programs — improve your bottom-line performance by reducing occupational and non-occupational risks. We reduce your direct healthcare costs by trimming claims and premium charges, and improve your overall financial performance by increasing productivity, lowering absenteeism and reducing disability costs.

The net: A healthier workforce that improves the health of your bottom line.

Specifically, EHD integrated health management includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of an occupational and non-occupational condition management program
  • Implementation of a program tailored to your culture
  • Health risk assessments and biometric screenings to identify cost drivers
  • Coordination of community and vendor-based health and wellness programs
  • On-site assistance and health education sessions
  • A dedicated, in-house Clinical Director of Health, Safety and Wellness
  • Plan analysis and measurement to assess program “return on investment”

Create a culture of improved employee health, safety and education at your organization — and reduce your total cost of health. To learn more, contact:

Julie Evarts, RN, MSN, CRNP
Clinical Director of Health, Safety and Wellness
717-394-5681 x. 550

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