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This is your insurance-focused COVID-19 (Coronavirus) resource for timely and ever-updating information that matters to you and your business. Check here every day for new articles, which have been carefully curated from only the most trusted of sources. We’re here for you.


To Our Clients and Colleagues

COVID-19 Clinical Update for Business Leaders

Covid Myths vs Facts

How to Properly Wear a Mask

Proper Handwashing Tips

Cyber Security

Taking Care of your Mental Health

Auto Insurance Credits due to COVID-19

Personal Insurance Payment Plans

COVID-19 and OSHA Recordkeeping

Masks in the Workplace

Benefits Carrier Flexibility

Benefits Relief Options

Missed Safety Committee Meetings

Payroll Class Code Changes

Cleaning Cloth Masks

Cleaning Your Lunchbox

Using a Communal Coffee Maker

Avoiding Germ Concentrated Areas

Masks in the Car and Hand Washing

How to Safely Use the Communal Water Cooler

The EEOC & The ADA

Preventing Legionnaire’s Disease in Your Building

Property Insurance Vacancy Clauses and COVID-19

Commercial Auto Premium Credits for Unused Vehicles

Commercial Carrier Payment Plans and Billing Modification

To Our Small Business Community

Communicating Effectively with Your Employees

OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls

Benefit Plan Extensions due to COVID-19

The Paid Sick Leave Act and Fearful Employees

Workers' Comp Regulations and COVID-19


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