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At EHD, we are not limited in what we can do for you so that you are not limited in your options and choices. That’s an important distinction. And exceptional client service is fundamental to how we do business. Every day.
The EHD Experience begins with our  rst conversation because every organization has its own operational, strategic and  nancial risks and concerns. We listen. We think. And we recommend. In that order. When you work in as many industries, markets and geographies as we do, it’s the only way to work.
We believe in options. Because we are insurance and risk management experts, we recognize that every client has different needs—in protection and risk management, certainly, but also
in personal preferences and thinking. That’s why we work with our clients to understand the nuances and macro-issues surrounding their insurance and risk management needs; then we develop several options, with cost-bene t analyses, for each.
We believe in robust client service. In fact, we’re absolutely fanatical about it. Not only will our clients tell you that nothing is more important at EHD than responding to their requests for advice or help; they’ll also tell you that we’re extremely proactive. We keep our clients informed on regulations, issues and news that might impact them. We provide regular lunch and learns on issues related to insurance, employee bene ts and risk management for clients. And we are always available to answer your questions or provide assistance. That’s a promise.
Our support policy is equally client-focused: Have a question? Get an answer. On any subject. At any time. Just call us toll-free at 1-800-544-7292. Our experienced insurance and risk management professionals are always happy to answer your questions, help you explore your options and develop a customized strategy for you and your organization on any general or speci c issue.

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