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“Our advisor and I have been e-mailing back and forth since our meeting. EHD is amazing! So much help; answering all of our questions, I’m really glad to be working with such a great team.”
—Human Resources | Grocery Store Chain
Powered by HealthCheck 360°TM
The biggest issues most organizations face today involve both escalating premiums and claims for health insurance and workers’ compensation. As part of our commitment to our employee bene ts and commercial clients, EHD’s Integrated Wellness,SM powered by HealthCheck 360,°TM is designed to dramatically reduce both health insurance premiums and workers’ compensation costs.
Not a run-of-the-mill program, Integrated WellnessSM offers a structured, cost-effective and HIPAA compliant comprehensive approach to employee health that drives personal accountability, engagement and progress, which, in turn, results in improved employee health, increased productivity and reduced costs.
EHD’s Clinical Director of Health, Safety and Wellness, an on-staff Nurse Practitioner, works with our employee bene ts and commercial clients to design and implement customized Integrated WellnessSM programs that meets your needs for addressing the individual and population health risks of your employees.
How much can you save? Our proprietary risk calculator, The EHD Riskulator,SM can help you quantify the potential impact of an Integrated WellnessSM program on your organization. And all you have to do is ask.

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