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“With the sweeping changes in healthcare and health insurance over the past few years, we needed a knowledgeable team who could keep up with the myriad changes that would impact us. EHD’s attention to our needs has been impressive. Questions that formerly would have required a week for response by our previous broker are
now answered within a day.”
—President | Winery
Bene ts
In every labor market, employee bene ts play an important role in attracting and retaining the best candidates and employees. And regulations, compliance, public policy and options are ever-evolving issues. That’s where EHD can help.
EHD Employee Bene t Services is one of the region’s largest, most comprehensive bene t operations. Our employee bene ts experts are among the most experienced and knowledgeable that you’ll  nd anywhere. Specialization and focus are the keys to our approach to supporting our clients’ employee bene ts offerings. Our goal is to help you develop long-term solutions that balance your organization’s  nancial needs with those of your employees, and strengthen your business’ bottom line along the way.
We also serve as a committed advocate for employee health, with strategies
and programs to help organizations reduce the total cost of employee health.
For example, we offer an innovative and integrated health management
program called HealthCheck 360° that is designed to decrease occupational
and non-occupational risks, improve employee health and productivity, and
help control total health costs. Additionally, EHD provides value-added resources designed speci cally for individual market segments. It makes a big difference for our clients — in the productivity of their employees, in their cost structure, and in their bottom line performance.
EHD employee bene ts professionals are extremely experienced and fully equipped to help you review, analyze, strategize and determine employee bene ts options that meet your speci c needs and business goals. Our people are always happy to answer your questions, help you explore your options and develop customized employee bene ts strategies for you and your organization.

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