Workers’ Compensation

You can control the costs of your workers’ compensation insurance

First the bad news: Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the costliest coverages that can impact your overall budget.

Now the good news: It’s also one of the few commercial insurance coverages that gives you the ability to control your ultimate net cost. What’s more, you can often use these reduced costs as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The key to reducing costs is to choose an experienced broker partner that specializes in workers’ compensation — one like EHD. We provide the expert advice and depth of resources to vigorously attack the unique cost drivers associated with workers’ compensation. Other proven ways EHD can help you save money include, but are not limited to:

  • Building accountability for safety and cost reduction throughout the organization
  • Adopting pre-employment hiring standards and procedures
  • Implementing risk and safety programs, including education and training
  • Aggressively managing claims and related claims costs

In addition, for larger employers that either partially or fully self-insure their employees, EHD offers a proprietary program called WorkCompass that can dramatically reduce both direct and indirect costs.

To learn more about EHD’s cost-saving workers’ compensation programs, please contact:

James P. Lewis
Executive Vice President Property & Casualty
717-394-5681 x 301

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