Self Insurance

Take ownership of your insurance program by self-insuring

A Self Insurance program can be a win-win for the right company. Self Insurance allows a larger organization to realize the lowest possible cost of risk by paying for its own losses, while still providing protection for catastrophic losses. Self Insurance enables an organization to avoid many of the transaction costs and market cycles of traditional insurance. It also provides an organization the highest possible degree of control in directly managing its insurance program.

Self Insurance is a smart consideration when insurance premiums approach $500,000 for a particular line of coverage. If you’re a well-managed company that can demonstrate a commitment to risk control and claims management and can accept an appropriate level of risk retention, Self-Insurance might be a worthwhile alternative to consider. It’s also ideal for financing losses that can be budgeted and paid out over time, such as workers’ compensation loss exposures.

EHD currently manages several individual and group Self Insurance programs, and also offers alternative market Captive and/or Rent-A-Captive programs.

To learn more about Self Insurance as a solution for your business, please contact:

Michael S. Malinowski
Vice President

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