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When you grow internationally, you won’t outgrow us

It’s a changing, interconnected worldwide marketplace today. And as more companies expand their operations, seek out new markets or outsource globally, they require the protection of foreign coverage and a coordinated national/international insurance program. When companies expand internationally, they may outgrow their insurance broker’s capabilities, reach, and resources. That doesn’t happen with EHD.

EHD partners with one of the world’s largest networks of independent insurance brokers and professionals, Trust Risk Control (TRC). We work with this organization throughout the U.S. and in more than 100 countries worldwide to assist you with the placement of foreign coverage and to provide integrated international insurance, risk control and claims management services. You gain the advantages of size, strength and global visibility, all while working with EHD  locally to manage and coordinate your insurance program.

International risk exposures may include:

  • Liability for products sold, distributed or manufactured outside the U.S.
  • International business travel and repatriation coverage
  • Foreign facilities, operations and employees
  • Overseas shipments of products or raw materials

To learn more about international insurance programs through EHD, please contact:

Timothy E. Koenig
Asst. Vice President & Manufacturing Practice Group Leader

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