ClaimTech: A new and different way to reduce your total cost of risk

Managing risk and managing claims — two sides of the same coin. One is all about pre-loss prevention and mitigation, the other about post-loss reporting and management. But both disciplines, implemented strategically, are all about reducing your total insurance costs and strengthening your bottom line.

At EHD, we’ve developed a synergistic approach to risk control and claims management called ClaimTech™. It integrates pre- and post-loss services into a single full-service department that works for you every step of the way.

On the risk control side, ClaimTech's proactive services include operational surveys, loss-analysis benchmarking, training programs, safety-committee certification, OSHA compliance audits and more. Our focus is to provide direct risk-control services to you and coordinate and supplement those offered by your insurance company.

On the claims-management side, EHD's ClaimTech staff serves as your advocate by preparing and submitting loss reports and following up with adjusters. We also work on your behalf to overturn denials, obtain favorable coverage interpretations, challenge open reserves and resolve open claims quickly.

In addition, EHD employs a Clinical Director of Health, Safety & Wellness. This is a designated position to aid in integrating health and safety initiatives for our clients. Our goal is to work with you to improve overall employee health, thereby reducing your overall cost.

Specifically for workers’ compensation claims management, EHD executives will also review your current physician’s panel, provide education and training, manage litigated claims and related legal expenses, and communicate regularly on claims status to ensure that claims reserves are accurate and appropriate.

To learn more about how EHD’s ClaimTech™ services can help your business save money — before and after a loss — please contact:

Thomas R. Getz
CPCU, AIC; Senior Vice President, ClaimTech

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